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T aurus [ April May 19 ].

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Contrary to your reputation, you will remain confused. You will be associating with people who are sober. You will also have to develop a no-nonsense approach towards uncharitable elements. You will get a golden opportunity to promote your financial fortunes to greater heights. You will tackle new ventures, and form fresh contacts. The road is clear for successful negotiations.

G emini [ May June 20 ]. C ancer [ June July 21 ]. While making your financial moves you will have little choice as others will be calling the shots. You will be tempted to take a risk. Money could cause discontentment among your loved ones. The benefic planets will raise your energy level. You may pick up where you left off recently. You will come out with flying colours. L eo [ July August 21 ]. V irgo [ August September 20 ].

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A lucrative offer may come your way which will change the course of events in a big way. You will have a couple of opportunities to widen your cultural activities. You will spare no effort to prove your capabilities as a sincere and dedicated worker. You will easily achieve any goal you have set for yourself.

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A rewarding week for the revival of old ties. L ibra [ September October 22 ]. So all this goes into a computer called the brain. And after that I look at Ganesha and make a prediction. He is known for making several accurate predictions such as the death of Sanjay Gandhi , the rise of Indian nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party , the Kargil War and the Gujarat earthquake. Daruwala also has a notable record of failed predictions, some of which include his prediction that South Africa will emerge the winner of Cricket World Cup. He added that both Shahrukh and Saurav Ganguly are in great shape astrologically which should bode well for Kolkata Knight Riders.

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The team was supposed to reach semi-finals in the IPL tournament as per his prediction. Daruwalla also predicted that Kashmir problem should be solved between and He made a mistake by attacking Iraq and I suspect that he may not be able to complete his term. Some of his most amusing predictions include the assertion that by " massive trains and huge cars will fly gracefully " and " the secrets of the space as such will be discovered.

The best part of it is, we will know it and accept it. As far as scientific validity of astrology is concerned, Daruwala maintains, "I don't care if it's a science or not.

Fact is, it works. The position of the planets is by astronomy.

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Then, the synthesis between planets, dishas, signs etc. And the final prediction is by ESP, intuition or the grace of Ganesha. Explaining the concept of sun-sign based astrological forecasts and the problems with dividing the world into 12 categories based on zodiac signs, he says, "It really cannot be divided. It is only a matter of convenience. I think about 65 per cent of such predictions come correct and that is a good average.

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But no, you cannot make predictions like that. You have to read the individual horoscopes and even then you must have it in your destiny to predict correctly. When asked about astrophysicist Jayant Narlikar's assertion regarding lack of scientific evidence to support the theory of lunar influence on human behaviour based on certain statistical studies, he suggests, "I have seen people who are affected. But if he says no, he must have done a bigger research. But I'm not saying that astrology is a complete science.

I have not tested it, so I don't know. I am not interested in the science of it. I am only interested in the art of it and Ganesha. Many astrologers fight with people that it is a science.

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Frankly, I care a damn whether it is a science or not. It works and that is important. You can call it science or you can call it bullshit. Even planets and planetary positions are supposed to affect human behaviour.

tribune india horoscope Tribune india horoscope
tribune india horoscope Tribune india horoscope
tribune india horoscope Tribune india horoscope
tribune india horoscope Tribune india horoscope
tribune india horoscope Tribune india horoscope

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