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Banu Guler, the chief executive and co-founder of Co-Star, said not every investor she pitched was enthusiastic about her company and that some dismissed its practice area as pseudoscience. Meditation, Ms. Guler said, is an antisocial way of interacting with the world. She views astrology as a form of collective wellness, with Co-Star helping people relate to each other based on star signs. This is where the relating comes in. Guler said. Vardhana said. But Ms.

Reading Birth Charts with Kelly Surtees and Chris Brennan

She got no response. Birnbaum said. But that explanation ignores what many in the astro-verse consider the major turning point for Big Zodiac: The election of Donald Trump. It changed everything, according to Aliza Kelly, the astrologer-in-residence at Sanctuary.

She writes its horoscopes and conducts some of its readings. Kelly said. It's a whole process. Here's what I learned from getting my astrology charts done. Hint: I still don't know my future. Though you can get your basic astrology charts created online for free, being walked through your chart by an actual astrologer is an entirely different and way more fun experience. You'll be asked to provide your date of birth, the time at which you were born, and where, geographically, you were born ahead of your appointment. Try to be as specific as possible — when I tried to look up my chart online, I initially entered the wrong birth time by 90 minutes and it completely threw off my results.

Ultimately, you'll be provided with your very own natal chart. It is honestly a very confusing thing to look at. An astrology reading is usually a one-on-one thing, and it very quickly becomes personal. Like, really personal. I didn't cry, which was a thing I was worried about, but a good portion of a reading involves your outward presentation to the world versus your inner self.

For many of us, there are elements of ourselves that we keep private. And that's totally fine — I'm all for the importance of privacy. However, one of the main reasons why people are so often drawn to practices like astrology is because they are searching for a way to make sense of the world and illuminate parts of themselves they struggle to understand.

I'm not a devout astrology believer by any means; I mostly just follow this stuff for fun. I do think, though, that finding new perspectives through which to look at your life and your self is a habit everyone should indulge in. You might ask yourself why a reputable website would give away services for free? The answer is simple. With the oversaturation of psychic professionals on the web, who claim to be the best offering the greatest special deals, it can be very difficult to sort out the legitimate readers from the rest.

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At Oranum you can even chat with your psychic for free using their video chat service. They will answer any questions you have so that you can feel confident moving forward with your first personalized reading. Home astrology.


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The 12 signs of the zodiac are: Aries the ram is a pioneer and full of energy, a trailblazer. When your sun is in Aries at the time of part of your birth, you will tend to lead your life in this manner. Your outward expression will be of someone who needs autonomy and action and wants to feel alive. When your moon is in Aries, however, these influences will affect whatever your sun sign is.

In the case of a more introverted shy sun sign, such as Pisces, having Aries as your moon sign will bring out more fiery aspects of your personality. Therefore, a Pisces with a moon in Aries, would not always fit the description of Pisces, because these firey elements would be influencing the sun sign. Taurus the Bull enjoys security and earthly pleasures. The bull is stubborn and practical, responsible and stable. The bull harvests the fruits of labor and likes to be surrounded by love and beauty. Gemini is a very versatile sign but its weaknesses are nervousness, inconsistency, and indecisiveness.

How to get started reading your astrology chart

Cancer is a nurturer and helps us to connect with our feelings. In the negative aspect, cancer can be afraid of abandonment and requires a lot of reassurance. Leo is a fire sign that likes to be the center of attention, loves glamour and playfulness. Leo enjoys conquest and celebration and has a strong sense of leadership. Virgo is very detail-oriented, analytical, kind and hard-working. Virgo needs order and needs to feel helpful and of service to others. Libra symbolized by the scales of justice needs harmony.

Libra hates conflict and loves a peaceful and beautiful environment.

snoozerakco.tk Libra seeks harmony and cooperation with grace, but can be indecisive and can carry a grudge or have a tendency toward self-pity. Scorpio is an intense sign with a need for privacy, deep soul bonding, and a powerful sex chemistry.

different astrology readings Different astrology readings
different astrology readings Different astrology readings
different astrology readings Different astrology readings
different astrology readings Different astrology readings
different astrology readings Different astrology readings

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