4 february 2020 numerology

WEEK 40 affects matters of identity, detail, realism, and transformation. It makes us notice our natural talents which we take for granted, use badly, or do not use at all. It points out our laziness — or our tendency to work so hard that we have no time for the joys of life. For the next 10 weeks, 4 highlights the obstacles in our path and helps us learn how to deal with them, practically and efficiently. The cycles of time repeat themselves until consciousness lets go of denial.

No one is coming to save us. The problem is that we are afraid of our own individual power. As we travel through the last three months of the decade of the 10s , not only are we traveling through a treacherous corridor of unlearned lessons, but also the very energy — 10 — which brings everything to the NEXT LEVEL.

This particular leg of the journey started in when we entered the decade of the 10s. The numeric spectrum runs from 1 to 9. All other numbers after that can be reduced to a single digit.

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Therefore, karmic energy involves nuclear energy — and the fusion combination and chemistry of the various numbers. Two 1s combined 11 have an even greater connection to nuclear matters, and we will probably understand this more profoundly in November, the 11th month. Keep in mind that the sum of is 22 , which can also be interpreted as But because all the teen numbers have manifested in this decade as , , , , , , and , it is todays teenagers who are presenting the lessons to the rest of us while they learn their own lessons about life — knowing that THEY are the future. Young adults have always been underestimated as the system shaped them to serve the system.

But this generation of teens is different because so many of them seem to understand their role in shaping the future, and are taking that responsibility seriously. They are emotionally awake and honestly expressive. Being born in the s, they did not go through the dumbing and numbing machine like most of us did.

Do they know everything? Of course not. And many are just as messed up as previous generations.


WEEK 40 12222 – on the road to 2020

One of the most important lessons of the teens is that no one has all the answers and that each generation must learn as they go. Mistakes are inevitable, and the consequences of our mistakes often carry a high price. Some of these mistakes were massive — like allowing ourselves to descend into hate and fascism, again and again, generation after generation. To see the big picture and the many details it contains, stretches our consciousness and increases our awareness.

What a great conclusion and what a great text. Much love, Katherine. The energy represented by the numerology number is an energy of focus. It also resonates with pragmatism. And noticing relationships between things. It is a conscientious energy and is compatible with the idea of teamwork for getting things done in a more efficient manner. The energy is focused on specific goals, generally related to building a secure foundation for the future.

2020 Numerology 7 Prediction – Introspection And Planning

It willingly works long and hard to build what it wants. The influence of in the environment is less than the influence of the person's numerology chart. Nevertheless, there is an influence there. People are within the influence of when living or working at an address with the number, reading a book with the number in the title, or otherwise associating with Imagine having a preponderance of things practical, or making them so with patience, care, and accuracy, perhaps working with others to that end.

You have a good sense of what's right. You are honest, conscientious, and loyal.

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Building a secure foundation for the future feels important. And you tend to have a good grasp of scientific principles. Share this with your friends and followers. Put free numerology readings on your web pages.

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4 february 2020 numerology
4 february 2020 numerology
4 february 2020 numerology
4 february 2020 numerology
4 february 2020 numerology

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