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As a united force, they combine the formidable Leo traits of confidence, ambition, and strong leadership with the Scorpio qualities of courage, power and relentless determination — pity the opposition!

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If they had consciously planned from the start on making it to the top together, then intuitively they were right on. The saga of Bill and Hillary is a fascinating one, however you read it. On the one hand we have the heart-rending romance of the triumph of true love over the weakness of the flesh, of two soul mates committed to each other, come what may.

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Hillary Clinton: Three Faces and Two Charts

And what's its weakest link? Who Are You Really Dating? The sextile indicates how well marriage works for her, how a commitment to her partner supports her personal goals. Her Juno opposes Uranus, an uneasy combination, and an indicator of unexpected upsets within the marriage. Her marriage to Bill was undoubtedly a key factor in the outcome. Front Page. American Politics. Personal Readings. NeptuneCafe Presents The asteroids can help verify her exact birth time. Hillary Rodham first entered the national spotlight when she was the first student in Welleseley College history chosen to deliver the commencement address.

Her speech received a standing ovation that lasted for seven minutes, and because it had criticized Republican Senator Edward Brooke who made his remarks just before her , the speech received national attention, including a photo-essay in Life magazine.

Better, Stronger, Faster

The progressed Midheaven here is also just past the square to Uranus, reflecting the controversy she sparked. This event alone makes am look good. Her progressed Midheaven forms a quincunx to Ceres, as her progressed Ascendant is exactly trine her fifth house Fortuna or Part of Fortune , and her progressed Fortuna is conjunct natal Fortuna. These connections hint that marriage was the predecessor for having children, or at least one child. By the time Bill Clinton was elected President in , Hillary's progressed Mars was nearing her Midheaven and her progressed Mercury was squaring her Midheaven.

The inauguration ceremony on January 20, officially made Hillary Rodham Clinton the nation's First Lady, but with her progressed Mars near the Midheaven, she would naturally be an active, assertive influence in the political arena. Days after the inauguration, on January 25, she was appointed to head the task force for health care reform, which she undertook as her progressed Midheaven formed a sextile to her Saturn.

Clinton, Hillary

On November 7, , Hillary defeated Rick Lazio to become the elected Senator from New York, and was sworn in two months later when her progressed Moon was exactly opposite her Midheaven. Her tenure as First Lady had been filled with conflict, both personal and political. This state of affairs was readily reflected by her progressed Mars going over her Midheaven. The precise hits to and from Hillary's Midheaven during her life's most important events confirm a birth time of am. Of Vesta's many facets, the natural associations with devotion and scholarship come out strongest when Vesta is in the ninth house of religion and higher education.

Here we see Hillary's deep religious convictions, which are so strong, that she verges on being a nun. Vesta in the ninth house can be described as one's Inner High Priestess. Vesta here, along with Mars, Pluto, and Saturn place extra emphasis on ninth house affairs, which she first manifested as an exceptional student — at Wellesley College she was her graduating class's valedictorian, with honors in Political Science. The ninth house also governs law, and Hillary established her reputation as a rising star at Yale Law School, which is also where she met Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton's Birth Chart

By , Hillary became the first woman to be made a full partner at the venerable Rose Law Firm. Her marriage to Bill will undoubtedly be a key factor in the outcome. Pallas is strongly placed in Aquarius, where it gives a keen interest in politics and networking.

This Pallas influence describes a professional demeanor that allows her to work with or compete against men on an equal footing.

astrological chart hillary clinton Astrological chart hillary clinton
astrological chart hillary clinton Astrological chart hillary clinton
astrological chart hillary clinton Astrological chart hillary clinton
astrological chart hillary clinton Astrological chart hillary clinton
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