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You should get an idea of what the program can do by reading the list of modules. As new modules overlays load into memory, critical information like variables, pointers and other necessary data are saved and protected. It's very easy to break into any module, make changes and save the changed module again. The manual gives exact in- structions on how to do this.

Introduce tus datos

He wrote the original Flex File 1. Aside from the screen format, everything else worked. I broke into each module and added some color and reformatted the print statements so they looked good on the VIC. Although it's not necessary to modify the program, you may find it a stimulating way to sharpen your pro- gramming skills. This is a truly universal program; the VIC screen format is a small price to pay for Pet software.

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You must also read some of the manual before beginning. I recommend you read the section called "Read This First". Its a good place to begin. The program has to be told exactly which disk drive you have, how many and finally which printer and how many columns are on the screen and the printer. If you don't use a Commodore printer, you may define your printer's requirements. FF's interface to the printer is fairly well thought out. Switch settings vary between the three, but all will work. FF forces them into cursor down mode automatically. This is not the usual "quick and easy to learn" VIC pro- gram we've seen in the past.

After you are reasonablyfamiliarwith the Custom- ize procedure, go ahead and customize your diskette. If you make a mistake, it can always be corrected. Now comes the only hard part: setting up the file structure. It's only difficult the first time. You should already have the file structure written down on paper. You will need to know the size of the largest re- cord in your new file, how many fields are needed and the name of each. FF does not ask how long each field will be. It doesn't care. As long as each record fits into the length limit that you set, the fields can be any size.

This is a powerful feature.

The only time FF asks for a field length is for page formatting. It was held in three files of about records each.

Géminis - Compatibilidad de Géminis con los demas signos del zodiaco

Any changes to the list required me to load one of the files into memory. Printing the list was a long slow process. TL is a fine label program but not adequate as a database manager The list is now in FF. Maintenance of this file is now a lot easier All records are on one disk, in one file, with room for the addition of another records.

File maintenance is also substantially faster. FF requires five seconds to find any record on the disk, whether there are 5 or records in the file.


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Not four seconds, or six seconds, but five seconds to find, add or change any record. This speed is due to the ISAM random access file structure of the program. They also re- quire you to load the entire file into memory before you can change a record. I've stressed the speed factor because you shouldn't spend all your time waiting for the program to work. FF requires a few disk changes and about two minutes from power-up to get to the File Maintenance module.

If you have two disk drives the time is reduced to about one minute, with no diskette changes. The file is defined as 8 fields. The field names are printed just above the dotted line. I declared the total record length as characters. When FF calculated the maximum file size it came up with records. The list is sorted alphabetically, as you can see, by Name.

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  • What you can't see is that if two companies had the same name, FF would sort the two by the data in the Type column. This is an ex- ample of using Key Fields. FF requires you to declare which fields are going to be Key Fields. This is the order that FF sorts on. If your records are names and addres- ses, you would make the Key Fields Last name, First name, and perhaps Zip code. This will allow all the Smiths to be listed alphabetically by their First names. Although it would take longer, the List can be sorted on any field, whether it's a Key Field or not. Always use key fields conservatively.

    Every key used will decrease the amount of records that can be stored on the disk. FF does not limit the number of key fields you might want to use. Each key may be split to encompass two or more fields. It's a good feature, but must be used wisely. An unusual, and powerful feature is the ability to change the number of fields after the file is declared.

    It's a simple mat- ter to add fields to an existing file. It's time for your computer to grow up.


    Meet PractiCalc. But the problem is, most software's been designed for toys. Not for real commodore 64 and VIC, computers. Until now. Not just for games Now comes PractiCalc. And there's not much in the world of grown- up computing it won't do. It1l keep addresses in alphabetical or numerical order , phone numbers likewise , make budgets and menus, project profits, keep track of expenses, inventories, investments, what have you.

    For your home, your school, your business. PractiCalc gives you Budgets, inventories, projections, you name it. And PractiCalc gives you a lot more. Want to make a chart? Hit a key and the high or low resolution graphics of PractiCalc Plus or PractiCalc 64 will turn numbers into graphs. It'll even print out everything that shows on the screen. Want a lot of facts and figures at your fingertips?

    PractiCalc stores more than 2, cells in up to columns and rows. It'll sort them, search them, or shuffle them for you. You can add entries, delete them, or move them around -numerically or alphabetically and instantly, of course. And you'll find PractiCalc unusually friendly, flexible, and forgiving. All of which is a far cry from just playing with a joystick.

    Still, High-speed and wild card search. The price. Alpha or numeric sort. Exclusively distributed by Micro Software International, Inc. Circle No 91 w This is accomptished by converting the data on the disk to a sequential file on tape, then reading that data tape back in- to a newly defined file. If you have some knowledge of se- quential files you can load tapes from other programs into FF This saves a lot of typing. Never, never assume the file is set up correctly. Test everything before you add real data. All file maintenance is donefrom-you guessed it-the Direct File Maintenance module.

    The menu for this module has 15 options, which are listed in Figure 3. This is the familiar Add, Change, Delete menu with 12 extra op- tions. The options are accessed by a single keystroke. The Add records option is very straight- forward.

    Global Cosmetic Industry, GCI December

    The first field name appears with the cursor following it. Therefore the comma, colon and quote marks can't be used. Corrections can be made by using the cursor control keys, as usual.

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