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Asteroid Isis Horoscope

One may have a mini death due to trauma or tragedy. Then, one may be reborn. Isis may be prominent in the charts of people who experience this kind of life changing process.

Isis loved her husband with true devotion. She searched for him with all of her soul. Then, she brought him back to life. In addition, they had a child in the most trying of circumstances, one may say. Hence, Isis can represent the creation of actual life. Last but not least, Isis may represent magic. She brought back the phallus of Osiris due to magic.

Egyptian Zodiac Sign Isis

Magic still exists today, perhaps not as in myths, but in hopes and dreams that we can make true. I would look to Isis for this, too. How do u think about these Ami? Thank u. Well, Shen, today I an going to do an article on Isis, so will have a better idea. Saturn is also ruler of my twelfth house. When you really feel emotionally and physically safe to both be who you are- realating, intimacy into-me-see is effortless and wonderful.

Everyone deserves this love. Thank you so very much, S, and Welcome! Come and put your chart up in my Forum and ask all your questions there. That will be easier. I am not that familiar with Isis and Osiris in terms of seeing them play out in charts. I have not done them when I have done professional charts.

Isis: Archetype of Love and Devotion

I just forget lol. We can discuss them, though. Maybe, you can help me. What do you think?

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How do you think they play out? Your Saturn Osiris would be too wide. I count 2 degrees tops in a conjunction. Again, in the most improbable conditions, manages to become pregnant with him, and Creates New Life. Isis shows us the power of reaching out with a sincere, devoted heart towards what we might initially believe to be out of human reach or hope. Nothing beats love. Love is the greatest healing power there is; nothing else comes close. Not ancient cures, modern medicines and technologies, or all the interesting books we read or the wise things we say and think.

Love has a transformational power. I have it conjunct my asc!! Isis is the loyal and devoted wife. You have the best qualities of a wife—devotion, loyalty and faithfulness. This is very lovely conj the ASC! The increase in spiritual wisdom leads to increased leadership traits and a fiery streak is added to the personality. This same fiery nature will be demonstrated to one who is considered to be the true love or Soul Mate.

Chances of being injured are high when attempting heroic feats. In an Ancient Egyptian Past Lifetime, the odds are high for leading an army in battle. Beauty will be felt stronger within. Sensuousness will increase with heightened awareness during Spiritual Practices. There will be a need to acquire more for loved ones and for gifting to others so that others too can experience luxury. In an Ancient Egyptian Past Lifetime, the chances are high that the person was associated with the Granary or was into Agriculture. Could have been a scribe or a Papyrus maker or one who translated the Hieroglyphics.

In the present, Transformation as an individual will lead to excessive interest in reading, data collection, writing and speaking. In the present, after Transformation one will become more joyful and more influential through charisma plus through ones hobbies. One would immerse himself or herself into the enjoyment of higher pleasures of life, and will never feel shy about this. The women will feel more attractive when they are more cerebral and the men will feel more heroic when they calculate faster or analyze more information quickly.

Could have been a High Priestess as well. In the present, after Transformation one would find oneself drawn to the Fine Arts or even the study of languages. One would suddenly feel more gifted in the fine arts. There will be a sudden interest in feminine beauty and an appreciation of the Divine Feminine than ever before. Chances also exist for being secret assassins.

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In the present, this placement is encouraging of seeking advanced sexual practices, sex for enlightenment than just animal lust and very strong sexual attraction for the sake of the Higher Mind. In the present this placement encourages a renewed interest in Higher Education after Spiritual Transformation. In the present this placement encourages the person to climb higher in the social strata by virtue of consistent services done dutifully for others.

Chances of become heads of tribunals or a Political Commission becomes higher.

Ancient Egyptian Astrology

In the present, this is a superb placement as after Self Transformation one can become a radical thinker or a visionary philosopher. In the present life after Transformation, this placement encourages very deep thinking about Occult Symbols, about the Soul, about Reincarnation and so on. This means the "Nadis" like Ida, Pingala, Sushumna and all smaller etheric nerves have good odds of managing energy flow. Also, yet another pointer to an 'ancient egyptian mystery school student' lifeline. Your soul is well versed in the mysteries of death and reincarnation and you have a need to master the knowledge of the Divine Masculine traits, maybe by finding a very highly realized soul mate in life.

Of Planets and Gods

A lady may find fame because of her beauty with this aspect. She will love to find her Soul Mate and will be true to him even if she is a celebrity. A strong capability exists for understanding the structure of the Human Soul, especially from the viewpoint of Ancient Egyptian thinkers.

Christianity is a Egyptian Myth - Horus=Jesus, Isis=Mary, Osiris=God, Amun=Amen, Apophis=Devil

When the aspect angle is square or opposition, the lesson is intense as the negative actions or negative consequences are too many. The interpretation of Saturn in a Sign and House has already been explained, so first look at that, then combine the meaning of Isis.

Supposing the aspect were a conjunction, then the person has been heavily involved in all that Isis represents. Pleasant aspects like trine and sextile indicate an ease of understanding the concept represented by Isis. Is a solitary connection enough to raise a pleasant relationship to something very special would you say?

Can the connection indicate something platonic or is it always about loving union? A very powerful Soul Mate Pair conjunction.

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Egyptian Zodiac Sign Isis | Egyptian Zodiac Signs

Very strong likelihood of a past lifetime affair which was deep, as if you sought him for a long time. It is a strong encouragement to consider the relationship [provided there aren't too many severe planetary afflictions]. A -Very powerful. You were to have received some sort of automatic Alchemical Initiation. So conjuct his NN, it means he is destined to be someone who fulfills the role of divine husband or whose path leads you to knowledge about death and rebirth.

This aspect is useless if the guy's idea of genuine happiness in life is free beer while watching Superbowl in a Inch LED Screen.

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